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‘Bigger cause’ than ‘collateral damage’, CNN-News18 accesses PFI’s four-step strategySEXI News

‘Bigger cause’ than ‘collateral damage’, CNN-News18 accesses PFI’s four-step strategy

Reminding Muslims about atrocities and training recruits in the use of weapons, taking complaints to global forums, creating divisions between the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and OBCs, and calling the judiciary, police, military and politics “loyal Muslims”. Filling with was part of the popular. The four-point strategy of Front of India has been learned by CNN-News18.

Multi-agency teams led by the National Investigation Agency on Thursday raided the radical Islamist outfit in 15 states, arresting 106 activists for allegedly supporting terrorist activities in the country. Kerala, where the PFI has some strong pockets, has the highest number of arrests at 22.

A day when the organization has called from morning till evening strike In Kerala, CNN-News18 accessed PFI’s four-step strategy.

Sources said that in the first phase, the PFI under its banner sought to unite Muslims and remind the community “about their grievances and atrocities”. It reportedly wanted Muslims to think of the PFI as the only organization capable of leading the community. Officials said the organization also wants new recruits to be trained in “assault and the use of rods and other weapons.”

In the second phase, complaints were to be taken abroad under the leadership of PFI. Officials said the organization believed “violence from time to time will show atrocities on Muslims”. The PFI leadership also reportedly advised to “ignore collateral damage for a greater cause”.

As part of the third phase, it advocated giving shelter to SC/ST and OBCs and reportedly wanted to create a divide between the RSS and the OBCs. It also reportedly called for a “raising of arms” at this stage.

In phase four, officials said, the organization wanted its loyal cadre and “loyal Muslims” to fill branches such as the judiciary, police, military and politics. It reportedly wanted to “establish its own constitution on Islamic principles with the help of weapons and other mechanisms.”

In Thursday’s raids – billed as the “largest” investigative process against the organization “so far” – the NIA, the Enforcement Directorate and state police forces in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan Raid on PFI offices. , Delhi, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Bihar and Manipur.

The raids started at 3:30 am and involved a total of 300 NIA officers from different offices across the country. After the mega crackdown, the PFI keeps an eye on a possible nationwide ban.

The PFI, formed in 2006, claims to strive for a neo-social movement for the empowerment of India’s marginalized sections, and is often accused by law enforcement agencies of promoting radical Islam. Till date, NIA is probing a total of 19 cases related to PFI.

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