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China is attacking people’s private lives through surveillance camerasSEXI News

Beijing: In recent months, people in China have begun to complain about state surveillance methods that were implemented after COVID-19 to monitor the spread of infections, non-health, non-COVID. Being re-engineered for purposes to invade his personal life. According to a media report.

For example, in Hangzhou, people protested when officials wanted to use surveillance apps for post-pandemic activities such as mapping people’s lifestyles. Hong Kong Post.

The communist regime’s surveillance program has grown so large that it has been able to shape and even force behavior in relation to aspects of the new normal in China.

According to UK-based technology research firm Comparitech, China has eight of the 10 most surveyed cities in the world based on the number of cameras per 1,000 people. But now the pandemic has brought surveillance cameras closer to people’s private lives: from public spaces in the city to the front doors of their homes and, in some rare cases, surveillance cameras inside their apartments, according to Hong Kong Post.

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Surveillance cameras began to be used in China for COVID-19 data through the Digital Health Code System. It was used to control people’s movements and decide who should go into quarantine, enforce home quarantine and identify violators, the publication said.

However, health codes have been hacked several times, with hackers even targeting celebrities by publishing photos and selfies used for their biometric identity verification.

In some cities, officials suggested changing the equipment from healthcare to safety equipment by searching for people who could not be found by traditional methods.

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