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‘Disturbing’ that threat of nuclear war has become commonplace these days: Former diplomat Rajiv DograSEXI News

Former diplomat and author Rajiv Dogra has said that it is “disturbing” that the threat of nuclear war, which was a taboo until recently, has become quite common nowadays. He added that the fear of the next major war is almost immediate and that “we now have the means of maximum destruction along with the leadership that cannot be accounted for”.

The world is sitting on a “time bomb” with the widespread availability of nuclear weapons, he said, adding that “what was taboo until recently has become quite a common thing to hear now. It is disturbing”. Dogra cited Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent claim that his country would use all means at its disposal to defend its territory.

Putin on Wednesday ordered a partial mobilization of some 300,000 reservists after the Russian military suffered several setbacks in the raging conflict with Ukraine, and also said Russia would use all means at its disposal, the West warns that “this is not a hoax”.

Dogra said that even after the Balakot airstrike, a Pakistani defense official said his country was ready for a “full-spectrum” war, suggesting the use of nuclear weapons.

He also referred to Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss, expressing his readiness to use nuclear weapons, in response to a question. “There is no doubt that the world today, at least before the pandemic, is at its richest … but with it there has also been a tremendous increase in knowledge about the means of destruction … are erratic … then the potential for conflict increases,” said Dogra, who served as India’s ambassador to Italy and Romania.

He made the remarks at a discussion on his latest book, “War Time: The World in Danger”, at Chittaranjan Park here on Wednesday. The discussion, which coincided with World Peace Day, was moderated by former bureaucrat and author Sumit Dutt Majumdar. The building was organized as part of Bookfest 2022.

Asked later that Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Putin during a recent conversation that it was not a time for war in Ukraine, Dogra said it was a “welcome move”. “This is the first time anyone has openly said this…there have been meetings and telephone calls…but no one has expressed it as clearly in favor of peace as Prime Minister Modi did. This is a welcome move and other leaders should follow that example and build on it,” he said.

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