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Dual position no problem, can handle both titles: Gehlot | KochiSEXI News

Kochi: The election for the post of Congress President is near, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot reached Kerala on Thursday.
Hinting that he may not resign as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan even if he becomes Congress President, he said that he would be able to manage both the posts.

He said that most of the DCCs have passed a resolution that Rahul Gandhi should be the president.

“I know elections are near, but most of the DCCs, including Rajasthan DCC, have asked Rahul Gandhi to take over the top post in the party,” he said during a meeting with reporters in Kochi.

“Today, the situation in the country is deteriorating day by day. The Constitution is getting torn to pieces and democracy is in danger. In such a situation, we need a strong opposition.”

He said that only Congress can be that party, adding, “We all believe that Rahul Gandhi could be the one to lead the party. So I have come here as a last effort to request him to become the party president.” Gehlot said. ,