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Impact on KSRTC, 70 buses destroyed, loss of Rs 45 lakhSEXI News

KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) buses had to bear the brunt of the 12-hour statewide strike called by the Popular Front of India on Friday.

The Advocate General informed the Kerala High Court that at least 70 buses were destroyed in stone pelting by the agitators. The estimated loss to KSRTC is around Rs 45 lakh.

The AG apprised Justice Devan Ramachandran of the situation when the court was considering various petitions relating to KSRTC.

The court expressed surprise at the incidents of violence and destruction of property and said that people and organizations with right thought process will never resort to violence.

Later, the High Court initiated suo motu proceedings against the leadership of the PFI for organizing the strike, which has been banned.

Meanwhile, Transport Minister Antony Raju issued a statement condemning the attack on KSRTC, in which several drivers and even passengers were injured.

Antony Raju said, “The damage done will be compensated by the criminals.” “Legal action will be taken against those who destroy the buses,” he said.

Antony Raju said, “KSRTC services were stopped with the help of police. Due to the attacks, many services leaving different depots were stopped. Strict action is taken to prevent such attacks against KSRTC in future. will be processed.”