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India, accused of raping a 5-year-old girl was sentenced to ‘Athak Sithak’ only 5 timesSEXI News

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In India, the Panchayat convicted the accused of raping a 5-year-old girl on ‘Athak Sithak’ only 5 times.

According to the Indian media, the panchayat in a village in the state of Bihar did not hand over the accused to the police, nor declared him a criminal and sentenced him to only 5 trials.

According to Indian media, the accused allegedly took the girl to his poultry farm where she was raped after she promised to give her chocolate.

After being caught, the accused was brought before the Panchayat where the elders decided that the girl had not been raped.

The panchayat convicted the accused only for taking the girl to a desolate place.

Expressing grief and anger over the footage of the incident on social media, people are calling it an injustice in rural India.

On the other hand, the SSP of the Indian Police says that a case has been registered and action will be taken against the accused.

He said that the police are also investigating who tried to suppress the matter.