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India’s strong response to Pakistan PM’s UNGA addressSEXI News

India hit back at Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), saying that politics claiming peace with its neighbors will never sponsor cross-border terrorism and neither will the shelter planners of the horrific Mumbai terror attack.

The reaction comes after Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s address to the high-level UNGA, in which he claimed that India’s illegal and unilateral action on August 5, 2019 to change the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, led to peace. further reduced the chances and reduced regional swelling. stress

Exercising its right to respond at the UNGA, India said that it is regrettable that the Pakistan PM made false allegations against the Indian at this forum.

“It is regrettable that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has chosen to stage this prestigious gathering to make false allegations against India. He has done this to hide the misdeeds in his own country and justify action against India which the world considers unacceptable.

“A politics that claims it wants peace with its neighbours, will never sponsor cross-border terrorism. Nor will it shelter the planners of the horrific Mumbai terror attack, revealing its existence only under pressure from the international community,” Vinito said.

India said, “But it is not just about the neighborhood that we have heard false claims today. It is about human rights, about minority rights and about basic decency.”

Addressing the UNGA President, Vinito said the desire for peace, security and progress in the Indian subcontinent is real, widely shared and can be realized.

“This will certainly happen when cross-border terrorism ends, when governments come clean with the international community and their people, when minorities are not persecuted and, at least, when we recognize these realities before this assembly, ” They said.

Sharif had said that Pakistan wanted peace with India but was dependent on a “permanent” solution to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

“Pakistan needs a stable external environment. We want peace with all our neighbours, including India. Lasting peace and stability in South Asia, however, depends on an equitable and permanent settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute,” Sharif said.

Incidentally, Mijito was the same diplomat who pulled out of the UNGA in 2020 when the then Pakistan PM Imran Khan began his speech. Khan is said to have made anti-India remarks in his address.

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