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Election mood has just arrived in Telangana. All the parties are focusing more on how to win the upcoming assembly. The ruling TRS is no exception to this. And this time, as in the past, the TRS chief is not thinking of giving tickets to all the sitting MLAs. There is a discussion in the political circles that the Rose Boss has almost come to the decision to sideline those who are not performing well and those who are opposed by the people. In this order, although there is a sitting MLA in some constituencies, some leaders are campaigning that the seat is theirs. There is a discussion in the political circles that the former mayor of GHMC and TRS leader Bonthu Rammohan is also doing this kind of campaign.

Bonthu Rammohan wanted to contest as an MLA while he was working as the mayor of the city. For this, he has pinned his hopes on the Uppal seat of Charlapalli division, which he represented. But in 2018 assembly elections, his hopes did not come to fruition. KCR allotted that seat to Bheti Subhash Reddy. He won that election and is currently the sitting MLA of Uppal. But there is no possibility of TRS giving ticket to Bheti Subhash Reddy again in the next election. It seems that Bontu Rammohan is campaigning that he will contest in the next election.

His followers made a big noise on his birthday recently. A huge rally was held at ECIL in Hyderabad. There are reports that the motorists there have also faced some trouble. On the other hand, it seems that all those who made noise in the city reached Yadagirigutta after a while and celebrated there. Bonthu Rammohan’s Uppal seat has been decided. That’s why all his close friends and followers are making such a commotion.

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But the TRS leadership has not yet taken any decision regarding seat allotment.. Is Bonthu Rammohan going ahead with that kind of strategy to put pressure on the TRS leadership on the issue of getting the Uppal seat for sure? The debate is also going on in the political circles. On the whole, Bonthu Rammohan, who has been silent for some time in TRS politics, is currently in suspense as to what is the real reason behind him becoming active.

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