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Man robbed 12 crores from the bank, got a new look, was caught in Pune after monthsSEXI News

Man robbed 12 crores from the bank, got a new look, was caught in Pune after months


Mumbai: Police have arrested the prime accused involved in the theft of ₹12 crore cash from ICICI Bank in Thane’s Manpada area from Pune after more than two-and-a-half months, an official said on Wednesday. He said the police have also recovered around Rs 9 crore from the main accused, identified as 43-year-old Altaf Shaikh.

With the arrest of Sheikh on Monday, the police have so far arrested five accused including his sister Nilofar in this case. The theft took place on 12 July. Sheikh, a resident of Mumbra, worked as a custodian in ICICI Bank. As custodian, he was the caretaker of the bank’s locker keys. He spent a year planning the robbery, studying loopholes in the system and collecting tools to rectify it,” said the Manpada police station official.

He said that during the investigation, the police found that Shaikh had planned a complete robbery by enlarging the AC duct and tampering with the CCTV footage to dump the cash in the dustbin.

“After deactivating the alarm system and sabotaging the CCTV, Shaikh opened the bank vault and transferred the cash to the duct and the chute below. The incident came to light when the bank realized that the security amount was missing, as were the DVRs of the CCTVs, due to which its personnel had to call the inspection team,” the official said.

Shaikh absconded after the incident. He used to change his appearance and use burqa to hide his identity. Shaikh’s sister Nilofar, who was aware of his actions, hid some money in her house. Police said he has been registered as a co-accused in the case and arrested.

Sheikh was finally arrested from Pune on Monday. He said that the police was able to recover around Rs 9 crore out of Rs 12.20 crore stolen from the bank and the remaining amount would be recovered soon.

Shaikh was arrested in a joint operation by Thane and Navi Mumbai Police. Earlier, the police had arrested Nilofar and three others – Abrar Qureshi (33), Ahmed Khan (33) and Anuj Giri (30). The official said that more people are likely to be arrested in the case and further investigation is on.

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