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Professor Shanthamma is creating miracles in teaching SEXI News

P Anand Mohan, News18, Visakhapatnam

Many people spend time with grandchildren and great grandchildren saying Chalu Krishnarama if they retire from work. They worship and remember God. They are confined to their homes. But he is completely different. At the age of 95, she is going to enter the Guinness Book of Records. This elder’s name is Shanthamma. Age 95 years. Children are taught more lessons by competing with boys. If you think of this in a school or college, it is a struggle. Centurion University.Age is just a number and teaching physics lessons is surprising everyone. 95 years of age means that it is difficult to sit and walk. Knee pains are also normal at this age. She has that problem. Both knees were operated on. However, she is walking with the help of crutches.

Without anyone’s help, 95-year-old Shanthamma goes straight into the classroom and teaches the students. Prof. Santhamma teaches Medical Physics, Radiology, Anesthesia at Centurion University in Vizianagaram. Thirukuri Santhamma from Visakha. Completed Inter from AVN College, Honors from Andhra University and M.Sc. After research, she joined Andhra University as a lecturer in the year 1947, right after the independence of the country. Since then, Santamma’s teaching and research has continued continuously.

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Shanthamma was born on March 8, 1929 in Machilipatnam, Krishna District. Education done in Rajahmundry Visakhapatnam. Received Gold Medal in Physics from Maharaja Vikram Dev Varma while studying with AVN College. I like physics. Completed D.Sc equivalent to PhD in Microwave Spectroscopy from Andhra University and then joined the College of Science, Andhra University in 1956 as Lecturer in Physics. From Lecturer to Professor, Investigator, Reader, he performed many responsibilities.

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While doing all this, she turned 60 years old without realizing it. She retired in 1989. The interest in teaching the retired lessons has not gone away and the students want to teach more lessons. Again joined Andhra University as Honorary Lecturer. He taught there for six years. Santhamma has also worked as research in-charge in various central government departments like Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, University Grants Commission, Department of Science and Technology, and has attended conferences in many countries including US, Britain, Canada and Spain as part of his career. His analysis of topics related to Atomic Spectroscopy and Molecular Spectroscopy won him a gold medal along with several awards in the Veteran Scientists Class in 2016. 12 students completed their PhD under her supervision.

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Husband Chilukuri Subrahmanya Shastri died a few years ago. Not depressed. Her will is to study till she dies. None of the students will miss if they take Shanthamma’s class. Also being late for class is not in Santham’s dictionary. They come to special classes even on holidays. Because the students in the university think they are my children. Shanthamma woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning, left Visakhapatnam and reached Vizianagaram. In Centurion University here at least six classes are taken per day. The former VC of Andhra University and now VC of Centurion University Professor GSN Raju also studied with her. She is the oldest professor in the world. Shanthamma says that my disciple Raju recently said that he will suggest my name to the Guinness Book people.

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About 50 years ago, physics was taught to our batch and it was difficult to get 70 out of 100 marks in her paper, like that I got 94 out of 100 and since then I have become a dear student. Senchiriun VC GSN Raju said that after becoming VC, I worked in Andhra University for three years and madam also worked there. It is said that even after coming here, madam’s daily lectures and publishing of papers were very inspiring to the young staff.

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