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Restrictions and options – restrictions and options

A campaign is being run in Uttar Pradesh to ban single-use plastic. From place to place, top officials of the administration are seen taking oath to the people that they should stop using plastic bags. But it doesn’t seem to have any significant effect. Somewhere, polythene is being used secretly and somewhere openly.

Although the government had imposed a ban on plastic bags earlier also, but even then there was no success in this matter. The claims made by the government regarding the development of the districts are coming to the fore in the beginning of the rainy season. Drains get clogged because of plastic bags. So it was decided to ban it. But the government may have forgotten to think about its alternative, due to which people are still using it indiscriminately.

It would not be wrong to say that the public as a whole cannot be blamed for this either. After the closure of polythene, the options in front of them are probably not within the control of every man and also not available everywhere. In such a situation, along with banning polythene, the government should have looked at its alternative, which is available everywhere in small and big shops and is also cheap. Nowadays any change is measured by economic scale. If even a little weight is felt on the pocket, then people change their mind.
Shubham Sharma, Gorakhpur

illegal land

No one is greater than the law. From the common man to the person holding high office, also come under the purview of the law. The Yogi government of UP has bulldozer demolished the grandeur of anti-social elements in the state, including illegal construction and encroachment. Giving impetus to this campaign, the Nitish Kumar government of Bihar also served notices to about seventy illegal landlords. In the last few days, vandalism has also taken place. In protest, people came down with stones in their hands. People have started agitations against it. But how can the government ignore illegal construction. After this vandalism, the shops of the land mafia will be closed.
Kantilal Mandot, Surat


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