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“The hybrid experiment failed, creating economic instability that led to defaults.”SEXI News

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The economic situation in Pakistan is now very close to that of Sri Lanka. A similar situation arose in Sri Lanka a year ago before the default. Pakistan now stands there. Now we only have days and weeks left, not months. When the hybrid experiment in the country failed due to internal contradictions, it is precisely because of this that we have reached the current situation. It was known that this experiment would fail, but it was not known that its intensity would be so great and that its effects would be felt on such a large scale. This is what economic analyst Khurram Hussain says.

Speaking on TV Naia Dur’s ‘Khabar Se Aaie’, Khurram Hussain said that the current crisis can be overcome by accepting IMF conditions, but it will have to pay a heavy political price as these conditions are too much. hard. Before he came to the government, Shehbaz Sharif met and negotiated with Miftah Ismail many times in the month of March, and Miftah correctly told Shehbaz that the prices would have to be increased, but when he came to the government, he when the implementation started , members within the party began to protest strongly.

He said that when Shahbaz Sharif disobeyed the party members, they started calling Nawaz Sharif in London. Ishaq Dar told Nawaz Sharif that Miftah Ismail is no longer involved in matters. Nawaz Sharif called a meeting there in which Ishaq Dar and Miftah Ismail were also present. At the same meeting, it was agreed to change the Minister of Finance. Ishak Dar brought old ideas, he did not understand that the world has changed a lot. Dar Saheb came and lost four months and stopped the IMF program due to which the economic situation worsened.

Analyst Musharraf Zaidi said that taking tough decisions will damage the PML-N, but it will not be enough to destroy it completely. Pakistan’s economy was destroyed because of wrong decisions. In 2023, political and economic conditions do not seem to be heading for stability and even less hope should be placed in 2024. Pakistan’s decision makers do not have the capacity to pull the country out of this vortex.

He said that in the last four to five years, people, institutions, the constitution inside the country, while outside the country countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, China and America were so easy that now other countries and international organizations like the IMF. they are not ready to trust us. The deception of the Pakistani elite is exposed for all to see. We should be grateful that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and China allow our ministers to come to their countries and listen to our calls, otherwise there is a serious lack of trust.

Murtaza Solangi said that I will ask the policy makers not to put all the burden of IMF program conditions on the people, they also put some burden on the people because of which the economic conditions have reached this point. He said Mohsin Naqvi is expected to be selected tomorrow by the Election Commission as the caretaker chief minister of Punjab.

The host of the program was Raza Rumi. “Khabar Se Aaida” airs live on Naia Dur TV every Monday to Saturday at 9:05 PM.

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