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The Worldwide Web of PFI: From UAE, Omar, Qatar to Turkey, Pakistan, BangladeshSEXI News

The Worldwide Web of PFI: From UAE, Omar, Qatar to Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Amid the national crackdown on the Popular Front of India (PFI) by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and various state police forces, top intelligence sources tell CNN-News18 about the terror group’s international footprint.

At least 105 people, including all top PFI leaders, were arrested on Thursday following raids at at least 100 places in 13 states.

According to intelligence sources, the PFI runs three major organizations in the Gulf – India Fraternity Forum (IFF), Indian Social Forum (ISF) and Rehab Indian Foundation (RIF). These organizations mask the direct involvement of PFI in anti-India activities abroad.

IFF and ISF are well structured in the middle-east and raise funds for anti-national activities. Sources said that IFF has emerged as the most powerful medium for raising funds for PFIs in the Middle East.

in UAE

Religious leader of Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI), The PFI and its units from Kerala, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and the National Development Front (NDF), visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Sources said that they visit Muslim Brotherhood places because of ideology and jihadi tendencies. The Emirates India Fraternity Forum (EIFF) and the Indian Cultural Society (ICS) Karnataka Chapter are the front or chapters of the PFI in Dubai.

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in India

PFI is doing money laundering in India through hawala channels. They also do real estate business.

Sources said Saifu, a resident of Chavkadu area of ​​Kerala, runs real estate business in Abu Dhabi. PFI rents out villas and flats at affordable rates for a long period and sub-allows them at higher rates after creating partitions in the house.

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Another business that PFIs do is ‘Rent a Car’, against which they make huge investment arrangements for four years.

in Saudi Arabia

ISF and IFF are the front of PFI. They attract Indians during the Haj period on the pretext of providing assistance. The organizations raise huge amounts of money, a large part of which is sent to India through hawala and gold smuggling.

Funds are also sent through e-wallets in the name of legal aid and community support.

in Oman

The PFI works under the umbrella of the Social Forum (SF) in Oman, along with the ISF and IFF.

PFI, Kerala branch of NDF is also working in Oman and NDF is propagating fundamentalist ideology through Tarbia and has sent Rs 44 lakhs to PFI through Hawala.

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They carry out radical activities through SF, ISF, WFS and WSKA. The fund collection is done by Ashfakh Chaikkinakath Puyil, a prominent leader of the NDF and PFI. The money is also sent directly to Rehab India Foundation.

in turkey

They have established base with the help of Indian students. He has sent a student of Naushad to Turkey to pursue a PhD at Sabahatin Zaib University and through him fundraising is done.

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in kuwait

The Kuwait Indian Social Forum (KISF) is active and the money comes through its annual membership. All these funds are mainly to support the Muslim cause. Employers of Emir Kuwait are radicalized through select videos of violence or Babri Masjid demolition.

in Qatar

The Cultural Forum (CF), a PFI front, is well received by Qatar’s Malayalee population. They support the cause of Islamic State (IS) in Syria and a supporter, Muhammad Fahimi, is involved in selling second-hand vehicles to Syria for the ISIS network.

ISF, IFF and CF collect funds for PFI and SDPI from Qatar-based Malayalam expatriates and are transferred to India through hawala channels.

Other Countries

PFI has footprints in countries like Bahrain, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh and Mauritius. From Mauritius after the Hathras gangrape, he has sent around 500 million to PFI to spread communal hatred in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

In the Maldives, Hindus and Christians have been implicated in false blasphemy charges and deported back to India.

Following the arrest of a PFI cadre from Lucknow, it was found that the Bangladesh-based group Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) is undergoing explosives training in India. The UP Special Task Force (STF) later arrested Asad Badruddin and Firoz Khan on charges of conspiring to attack important places in the state. Weapons were also confiscated.

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