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Wedding Venue Floor Caves During ReceptionSEXI News

A couple’s wedding reception turned into chaos when the second floor of their venue collapsed.

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According to The Barnegate Light Volunteer Fire Department, teams arrived at the Demark restaurant in downtown Barnegate, New Jersey, when those attending the wedding of newlyweds Cassidy and Brian Gagliardo reported them falling on the floor.

“The floor did not collapse, but collapsed, resulting in the structure becoming unsafe in the meantime,” the fire department said.

The couple told that the incident happened when the wedding reception started.

“Our DJ took it off and we were like three songs,” Brian Gagliardo told the media. “Luckily, we were able to get all of our speeches, in all of our first dances.”

The Barnegate Light Volunteer Fire Department said the building would remain closed until it was structurally stronger.

The couple told that the reception took place at a news location.

“We knew where my parents were staying and we moved to the place and the party just continued,” Brian Gagliardo said.

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It is worth noting that all kinds of strange incidents have happened in marriages. Earlier, several waves crashed at a wedding ceremony in Hawaii.

Video of the incident disrupted the wedding ceremony of Dylan and Riley Murphy at Hawaii’s Hualihe Palace in Kailua-Kona.

When the setup was being knocked down, people were seen running here and there.

Apart from the wedding cake, all the wedding guests were also safe and sound. The party started again and got even better after the mess was cleared.