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Where is Shashi Tharoor standing in the presidential election fray?SEXI News

Where is Shashi Tharoor standing in the presidential election fray?

With 8.3 million followers on Twitter, it shouldn’t be difficult for Shashi Tharoor to win the popularity contest. But it can be, if you are in Congress, where he has always been seen as an “outsider”.

Despite winning thrice from the Thiruvananthapuram constituency, the Kerala unit of Congress considers her a “pariya”. So it was no surprise that moments after he was seen at the Congress’s electoral office in Delhi, the Congress unit in his home state said they would not support him for the presidential election, should he contest.

It is not that Tharoor suffers from any illusion of popularity in Kerala, as sources say, he went to election chief Madhusudan Mistry to find out from where he could get support and how many PCC representatives his Will support the candidature.

Congress leader and spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh was one of the first to attack Tharoor.

In a tweet, she said, “Her only major contribution to the party in the last 8 years – sent a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi ji when she was hospitalized, this act caused pain to crores of party workers like me.”

Congress has pulled up Vallabh.

It is true that Tharoor may not garner much support. He is not the leader of the rigid Hindi belt, which Congress needs right now as PM Modi is moving ahead. Neither has he made many friends at the top, nor do many Congress leaders get a mild brand of his politics.

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Despite his victories and charisma and connect with the people and the fact that he is one of the most recognizable Congress faces, not many in the party see him as a friend. He still remains an unlikely Congressman for many Congress leaders.

not in sync

There are many reasons for this. One, he is often seen as his wits and not always in sync with the party line. More recently, Tharoor wanted to attend a seminar organized by the Kerala state government, where the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is the main political rival. But he had to back down after Sonia Gandhi asked him to back down under pressure from the state unit.

When Congress was criticizing Trinamool Congress for her comments on Mahua Moitra’s mother Kali, Tharoor defended her. This upset many in the Congress who felt that this friendship between the two would harm the Congress. It didn’t bother him.

friends outside the party

He has made a circle of friends even outside the Congress and has really impressed the PM, who made him the brand ambassador of the Swachh Bharat Mission. Tharoor has tried to experiment with an early style of politics, where political affiliation doesn’t interfere or prevent you from having different friends.

Tharoor remains an enigma to many of his party colleagues and often lewd comments are made about his lifestyle and politics. This stems from the fact that in their annual obituary of the common party, there are a handful of allies of the Congress and many from the TMC, Janata Dal (United) and other parties.

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And Tharoor being one of the signatories of G-23 letter, he has burnt down many bridges.

However, he responded with a cryptic tweet and quote to some Congress leaders opposing his candidature for the top post. “…

In 2006, Tharoor ran for the post of UN Secretary General, but withdrew when he realized that Ban Ki-moon was the clear favourite.

Will Tharoor do the same again or will he stick to his word in his tweet?

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