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With the unveiling of the National Logistics Policy, a new app that provides road safety solutionsSEXI News

With the unveiling of the National Logistics Policy, a new app that provides road safety solutions

Last week when Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Logistics Policy, MapmyIndia, an indigenous company specializing in deep technology, unveiled an app for the logistics ecosystem. It is also currently working on a road safety solution, similar to Intel India.

The company unveiled Maple indigenous consumer app, logistics technology and APIs that are integrated with the Government’s Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP). The app, which can be used to solve many issues, is expected to play a vital role in boosting India’s economy.

Rohan Verma, CEO and Executive Director, MapmyIndia Mappls, said that the newly launched solution will enable “an self-reliant, best India, enabling faster, cheaper and safer movement of goods and people across India, thereby The cost of logistics will be reduced for both long distances. and last-mile, and improving planning speed, cost and quality and completing logistics infrastructure and network connectivity planning pan India.

logistics solutions

MapmyIndia’s solutions for the logistics ecosystem include highly detailed 2D, 3D, HD, 360 degree, 4D and analytics map data across the country, as well as multi-modal route optimization and navigation tools and APIs for long distance and last-mile .

It also includes route and trip scoring and risk assessment tools to generate optimal route planning and driver alerts based on safety hazards, costs and suitability of vehicle type, as well as planning and analysis of urban and rural logistics infrastructure and 2D Also includes MGIS geospatial software for connectivity. and 3D.

In addition, drone-based mapping and maintenance inspection of infrastructure, monitoring of construction progress, digital transformation of logistics operations including GPS and NavIC IoT for tracking cargo movement, fleet and field workforce and asset management All of them are part of MapmyIndia Maple Logistics. Solutions for Enterprises.

India Road Safety Solutions

When it comes to road safety, Intel India is already working on identifying risk-prone areas across the country, with state governments and road transport organizations in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala aimed at road accidents. Has conducted several pilot projects- up to 50% related deaths by 2025.

Intel has collaborated with the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) to create the world’s first open dataset of driving conditions in India. With the open dataset, the company hopes that start-ups, academia, government and industry will be able to collaborate to enable AI-based solutions for road safety, better infrastructure and safer driving behaviour.

Kishor Ramisetti, Vice President of Intel Foundry Services and General Manager of Intel’s Vertical Solutions and Services Group, earlier told News18: “When it comes to road safety in India, we are looking at three different aspects – safer vehicles, safer roads, and safe drivers. For each of these, we have deployed technologies like AI, IoT, ML, Computer Vision etc. In the Safe Roads category, we are implementing statistical analysis technologies/ML models that we use to identify gray spots and black spots. ,

A black spot is a section of a road where an accident results in a casualty and Intel calls this a “lagging indicator”. It should be noted here that according to Ramisetti, Intel is using AI and IoT technology to identify these locations and build secure routes.

While the tech giant has made great strides in terms of developing its own solution-based system to help the country, MapmyIndia is also tackling the same issue with the help of the Maple app.

With this app, the indigenous company is now aiming to reduce travel time, cost, hassle and road accidents, which is significant in the Indian context, making it the best maps and navigation app for all Indians.

However, the company has claimed that this indigenous app is “far better than the foreign maps that come pre-loaded with most phones and search engines”.

According to MapMyIndia, other foreign apps “misrepresent India’s international borders, give incorrect routes and search results, show junk locations in the wrong places on their maps, and prey on users’ personal and personal data.” target with ads”.

The company also said that the Maple app accurately reflects India’s borders and has a clean business model that respects the privacy of users who need to download the app from the App Store.

Road safety and accident reduction by displaying Maple route summaries and providing real-time alerts to drivers about upcoming speed limits, speed cameras, speed breakers, sharp curves, accident prone areas, traffic signals and photo-realistic 3D views of junctions promotes. ,

It is uniquely integrated with data collected by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways as well as traffic and road closure advisories from traffic authorities. Maple is uniquely incorporated with ISRO satellite imagery and Earth observation data regarding weather, snow cover and other factors.

Additionally, the company said: “Maple correctly differentiates base vehicle types (4-wheeled, 2-wheeled, truck, etc.) by route, avoiding shorter lanes for example 4-wheelers and trucks , and accurate, live traffic congestion information, ensures drivers arrive on time without getting lost.”

“Maple tolls give detailed total travel cost estimates including gate-wise charges, as well as fuel/battery costs, allowing drivers to better plan & find potentially cheaper routes,” it noted.

In addition, the app allows users to find all relevant facilities such as rest stops, restaurants, ATMs, garages, hotels, ambulances, blood banks and much more to ensure that travel is comfortable and hassle-free in case of a breakdown or emergency. Be free.

Additionally, Maple provides immersive 3D metaverses and 360-degree Realview maps of hundreds of cities and millions of kilometers across India, allowing drivers to visualize what a place and route would look like in real life.

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